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SMS banking from KHCB complements our Online Banking services and makes banking as easy as sending or receiving an SMS.

Enjoy variety of features:

  • Inquiring about your accounts balances.
  • Requesting mini account statements for the last 3 transactions
  • Making transfers between KHCB’s accounts.
  • Bills payments.
  • Reporting lost ATM cards.

Auto SMS notifications for:

  • Transactions made using KHCB ATM cards.
  • Reaching pre-defined ceiling balance in your account.
  • Reaching pre-defined Floor Balance in your account.
  • Mudharaba maturity reminder.
  • Salary credit.
  • SWIFT transfer to your accounts.
    …and many more.

You can now register for this service through KHCB online banking, contacting your nearest branch, or calling us on 17540054