Investment Banking

The Investment Banking Division has been fundamental to the Bank’s growth ever since its inception. It effectively manages assets across the globe, primarily in real estate but also in development projects as well as technology. In light of the continuing challenges in global markets, a conservative approach has been adopted by the Bank in managing the portfolio of investment products and Restricted Investment Accounts (RIA’s) thereby enhancing the value of the assets held in those products and working diligently towards exit opportunities.

Some of the major achievements of the Investment Banking Division in recent years include:
1. Jawhara Greens - exit in 2013 from a US$250MM infrastructure development project in Lusail, Qatar 
2. Al Hareth - exit in 2014 from a €25MM commercial property fund in Paris, France
3. RIA4 Janayen - exited in 2015 from a US$52MM income generating portfolio of assets across the GCC
4. Global Logistix Navi Mumbai - completion of an ~8% partial principal redemption to investors during 2016

The above successful exits reflect a prudent sustaining approach towards managing portfolios whilst seeking opportunities to maximize investors’ returns in a challenging environment.

The Investment Banking Division is committed in continuing its momentum from recent years in achieving orderly exits through effective and orderly management of its assets.