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Khaleeji Commercial Bank Introduces the New and Improved Al Waffer Account 2015

Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of Bahrain’s fast growing Islamic retail banks, is proud to present the new and improved Al Waffer Scheme for 2015, in line with its commitment to offering pioneering Shari’a compliant products and services to its esteemed customers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

KHCB raised the bar for itself even further with the completely refined Al Waffer Scheme for the year 2015 by rewarding one incredibly lucky winner with the dream of a lifetime through a remarkable opportunity to win an amazing 759 sqm luxury villa in Oryx Hills, the residential component of the Al Areen Development, a new BMW car and $25,000 in cash.

The Al Waffer Scheme for 2015 also comprises of a total of 480 lucky winners with cash prizes and 6 amazingly elegant yet sporty BMW cars. The 40 monthly cash prizes include a chance for one fortunate winner to win a Grand Prize of $50,000 or a stunning BMW car each month in addition to other valuable cash prizes.

Shedding some light on the improvements in the Al Waffer 2015 Campaign, Mr. Khalil Al Meer, Chief Executive Officer of KHCB said: “We at Khaleeji Commercial Bank, are immensely delighted and proud to be introducing the vastly improved Al Waffer Scheme 2015 and to be granting one fortunate customer the opportunity to turn his/her dream into reality with the introduction of the luxury villa at Oryx Hills as part of the Mega Raffle Prize. This offering of the luxury villa as the main prize in the Al Waffer Mega Draw is a first for KHCB and the initiative speaks volumes about the progress and growth we have made as a business entity and our genuine commitment to providing the best to our customers. Everyone has dreams and we at KHCB play our part in helping them realize the ultimate dream with our provision of the villa, BMW car and the $25,000 in cash as the Mega Prize.”

The luxury villa, which is to be drawn in January 2016 along with the BMW car and the $25,000 in cash, is located in Oryx Hills, a unique modern environment that combines traditional Arab features with inspiring modern-day facilities and amenities. Located at the southern end of Al Areen, the Oryx Hills cluster is sited between two valleys. It will become a community within a community, taking full advantage of all the amenities at Al Areen, thereby being a safe haven to raise a family, one that provides every necessity required.

Al Waffer account is a fully Shari’a Compliant account based on Mudharaba principle. For only BD 50, customers can open an Al Waffer Account and start investing, not only do they receive annual profits on their investments, but they are also allocated entry into monthly draws for every BD 50 they invest in their accounts. The more they invest the bigger chance they have of winning. By opening an Al Waffer account one month before the draw, the customer is eligible for the “Double Your Chance of Winning” feature.

“Al Waffer has been a vital part of the bank’s product portfolio since its launch in 2009 and ever since then we have been consistently raising the standards and frequency of the prizes awarded. This year, based on an in-depth consideration of our customers’ needs, we have completely revamped the scheme with changes that are meant to reflect and maintain the positive impact Al Waffer has had in their lives. With a view to giving back to our customers, Al Waffer has always contributed to and enhanced the lives of our invaluable clientele and with this glorious new year ahead of us, these new advancements in the scheme were made to carry our assurances of a higher rate of growth for the Bank and a more prosperous 2015 as we project our growth and successes only as an added means to give more to our clients,” he added.