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KHCB provides training to 17 interns

Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of Bahrain’s fast growing Islamic retail banks recently welcomed 17 young interns from 4 universities to its annual Internship Program wherein they will be given the opportunity to fulfill their university requirements and gain valuable practical experience at KHCB.

Throughout the two-month internship program, from July to August 2014, the interns will be working in various areas within KHCB, and will undergo orientation on the Bank’s operations through presentations by KHCB’s professionals from various departments, on topics including Marketing & Product Development, Introduction to Islamic Banking, Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Management, Commercial Banking, Operations, Treasury & Capital Markets, and CVs & Interview Preparation. This year’s interns come from various universities that include University of Bahrain, Al Ahlia University, Manchester University and Leeds Metropolitan University.

Mr.Khalil Al Meer, KHCB’s  CEO said: “The internship program at Khaleeji Commercial Bank will offer these students a chance to gain valuable hands-on training that they cannot simply acquire in a lecture hall. At KHCB, they will be given the opportunity to solidify their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Our comprehensive presentations will help them develop a broader understanding of the Islamic banking system, equip them with the necessary skills and further enrich their knowledge, so that they can have a point of entry towards a lucrative career in the banking industry in the future.”

KHCB highly values corporate responsibility, and since its establishment in 2004, the bank has successfully hosted 13 internship programs, as an initiative to exchange and generate knowledge with the youth. It is KHCB’s way of attracting new talents towards a promising  banking career, and a means of sharing responsibility towards the future of the banking industry.

“Through the internship program, we will help these young interns achieve their career objectives. The program will take them to the next level so that whatever career path they choose after graduation, they will have the capabilities to put their best foot forward”, added Mr. Khalil Al Meer.