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Khaleeji Commercial Bank welcomes new interns



XX March, 2016: As part of its social responsibility, Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of Bahrain’s leading Islamic retail banks, welcomed interns from different universities across the Kingdom of Bahrain to take part in their exclusively designed Internship program where each intern will be given the lifetime career opportunity to fulfill their university requirements as well as immerse themselves in the practical first-hand experience that KHCB provides.

The move for internships came in line with the requirements of the students’ universities to work in an environment that is relevant to the courses they have chosen. The aim is to enhance their work skills and additionally prepare the students for their future careers. The program is set to run for a span of two months, from March to April 2016, where the opportunity will give to the interns to learn and gain first-hand experience of working in the various departments within the bank.

Each student attending the internship will go through an orientation highlighting KHCB’s operations through talks and presentations by the bank’s highly-esteemed professionals from various departments. The orientation and internship has been designed so that the interns will be rotated through the bank’s various departments thus being given the opportunity to work and obtain intensive training as well as attend lectures regarding to Islamic banking. The interns will also be trained to make impressive resumes and at the same time, gain one-on-one experience to a successful job interview.